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Some news from the battlefront!

Hello survivors! Today we’ll talk about buildings in The Last Spell!

We hope you’re okay. As you may know already, the health and the safety of our team is our number one priority. This is why we have implemented a work from home policy across the studio.

Our hearts are with you and your families in these difficult times.

The good news is that as you may have seen on our social media channels, we now have new hair co-workers!

Now, the development of The Last Spell is in very capable paws!

Also, the game’s development is going quite well. Thankfully, it was very easy for us to switch from working at office to working remotely.

The other good news is that we have a brand-new blogpost for you today!


In The Last Spell, most of your city is in ruins. However, you can’t keep it that way forever. This is when our “base building” part comes in! During the “Production Phase“, you’ll be able to make new buildings in order to have some very helpful effects for your survival. And there are many buildings you’ll be able to make.

The Last Spell buildings - general city view

So today we’ll talk a bit about the first buildings that are available in the game. The list and their effects may vary greatly until release, but for now here’s what we have.

The Magic Circle

That’s where the mages try to amend for their sins and cast “the last spell“.

The Last Spell buildings - Magic circle

It’s your most precious building in the game, so don’t lose it! If the monsters reduce its HP to 0, it will be destroyed and it’s game over.


These are the remnants of what once was a proud city. They probably saw many catastrophes, but even those got wiped out by the end of the world. Now, the best thing to do is destroy them and get some much-needed materials for the Haven.

The Last Spell buildings - Ruins

You can scavenge them to get some gold or materials. And to make some room to build useful new buildings.

The Shop

That’s one of the rare buildings that are still standing at the beginning of the game. Even our heroes live in a capitalistic world, so of course making money out of the Apocalypse would be the first thing humankind would do!

The Last Spell buildings - Shop

Here you can trade gold for new equipments and usable items, or sell your useless stuff. This shop only provides basic equipment, so you’ll have to build “specialists” buildings in your city to have access to more powerful weapons.

Every morning, the roster of available items are regenerated.

Production buildings

In The Last Spell, you’ll be able to build some specialized production buildings that will give you access to better gear than you can find in the shop.

For now, we have 5: the Forge, the Armorsmith, the Gunsmith, the Magic Shop and the Jeweller.

The Last Spell buildings - Magicshop

Each one will automatically produce new items once in a while.

The drawback is that you cannot choose which item will be produced… to allievate the frustration of not getting exactly what you want, we made a little system where when the item is produced, you actually have the choice between 3 different randomly generated items, with different rarities.


What would a real city be without houses? The good thing is that if you build houses for your inhabitants, they will provide you with some valuable gold and materials. That’s their way of thanking you as you kill hordes of monsters so they can get some sleep.

The Last Spell buildings - House

After you clear the old ruins from your city, you can build new houses for your people. These houses act as gold and materials providers. Since you have a limited space inside your city walls, you’ll have to find balance between resources generation and buildings that will give you a useful effect.

The Temple

Nobody really agrees on which god to pray to, but temples seem to ease the pain anyway. Better not ask any question.

The Last Spell Buildings - Temple

Your heroes can get some well-deserved rest at the temple, and recover some HP. Of course, getting healed takes time, so it will be at the detriment of doing actual useful stuff during the day phase… But well, better be alive and naked than well equiped but dead, right? 😉

The Mana Well

In The Last Spell, Mana is a rare but crucial resource. That’s where your magic comes from, and without mana, no devastating AOE that will kill several foes at once.

The Last Spell buildings - Mana Well

You can resplenish your heroes’ Mana here. The Well has a limited Mana quantity in stock, which regenerates every day by a set amount, so don’t be too greedy!

The Inn

These days, it’s really hard to find some heroes that will help you. Most of the time, they’d rather spend their last days drinking booze and fleeing danger than risk their life for a plan that has a very low probability to succeed.

On the other hand, business is business, so we’re pretty sure that for a few bags of gold, they’ll be willing to help you.

The Last Spell - Building

With the inn, for money you will be able to recruit new heroes for your team!

So yeah, that’s all we can say about the buildings for now! See you next time, survivors!

-The Last Team

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