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Hello mighty heroes,

it’s december already! And as you know, The Last Spell won’t be released in 2020, unfortunately.

However, you folks have been so supportive of us this year, we wanted to give you a little something before the holidays 🙂

This summer, we released our little discord mini-game, The Last Haven. And you seemed to like it a lot. However, after a while, some of you managed to “finish” the game, and our poor Discord bot couldn’t keep up anymore.

So Matt revamped our little bot, and… kinda went all-in with the features!

Now, we’re happy to introduce you to The Last Haven version 2.0!

So, if you like what you’re seeing, come and join our Discord server to help our warriors!

The Last Haven 2.0


  • New RPG system: 7 abilities to train at each level, with effects on gameplay.
  • Abilities have impact on skills bonuses. Try to find synergies!
  • Reset system: each time your reset your hero, your start with accumulated bonus points to starting abilities.
  • Adaptive difficulty: with each Haven saved and lost, the difficulty adjusts.
  • 7 new Elite enemies! Each enemy type now has a special behavior.
  • Monsters acts each hour, for a more dynamic game.
  • New targeting mechanic for Elite Enemies
  • Walls! You can build and repair walls to protect the city
  • Buildings! 6 new buildings to build and improve to obtain powerful passive bonuses for the city
  • Coop combos! Rewards when players synchronize their actions.
  • No more time reset when the bot is resetting! Now the last minute passed is saved in the database and restored when the bot resumes.

RPG system:


  • Each ability starts at 0 and can be raised to level 50.
  • Type !stats to see a complete description of each Ability
    • Constitution: +1 Max AP every 4 points
    • Wisdom: +1 Max Mana every 4 points
    • Strength: +1 Max DMG every 3 points
    • Intelligence: +1 Mana for casts every 3 points
    • Speed: 1% chance to get a free move every point.
    • Craft: +1 to build and repair actions every 2 points.
    • Accuracy: -1% to Elite’s armor every 1 point.
  • You gain 1 ability point each level.

Skills :

  • You now gain 1 skill point every 3 levels.
  • No more duplicate skills at level up.
  • Skills now have a max level of 10.
  • Skills have now synergies with abilities. See description of skill.
  • Roles are now obtained every 8 levels
  • When using the !resetplayer command, you now accumulate Reset Points that keep even after reset. 1 point every 8 levels. Every reset point gives 1 random bonus starting ability point.
  • Kills and Seals statistics are kept even after resetting.
  • Power attacks and magic attacks gain twice the bonus from Strength than standard attacks. Power cast gains twice the bonus from Intelligence.


  • Completely reworked the numbers. (basically x10 on basic actions/numbers)
  • 1 day lasts 24 hours. 1 hour lasts 30 minutes real time.
  • Enemies generation revamped:
    • 5000 clawers generated on first night, +/-10%
    • +20% every Haven saved, -20% every Haven lost
    • Every night after the 1st, new Clawers are generated (25% + 10% per day)
    • Elite monsters: 10% of base crawlers numbers.
      • 1 pack of random Elite type generated on each Wall each day.
  • Removed the bonus on clearing walls for now


  • They don’t attack at the end of the day, but now have chances to trigger actions every hour.
  • Type !enemytypes to see every type of enemy and their actions.
  • Basic Clawers have 1% chance per Clawer to inflict 1 DMG to the city.
  • !attack, !powerattack and !magicattack target Clawers in priority. If no Clawers are found anymore, they target a random group of Elite.
  • You can target a specific group of Elite by typing: !attack enemyName
  • Elites: they have a base armor of 20. To kill 1 Elite, you have to overcome its armor completely, so an attack which would made 19 DMG won’t kill any Elite.
    • Accuracy ability lowers this base armor.


  • A completely new channel where you can build.
  • !townstats shows the infos of the Town
  • Walls protect each side of the city:
    • Base HP: 50
    • You can repair them by typing  !repair on a wall channel (1 AP -> repairs 5-15 HP to the wall)
    • You can upgrade walls Max HP by typing !build wall on a wall channel
  • !build actions costs 1 AP and 1 Mana for 8-12 progression added to the construction.
  • !build buildingName
  • Each building can be upgraded up to level 60.
  • Buildings when constructed have a chance to trigger passive effects each hour.
    • Manawell: regens Mana to random heroes
    • Temple: regens AP to random heroes
    • Towers: automatically kills Clawers at random Walls
    • Armory: gives XP to random heroes
    • Witch: automatically adds mana to the Magic Circle
    • Houses: +5 Max HP to the city per level
  • Buildings and Walls are permanent! Even if you lose the current Haven, you’ll keep everything you constructed (and the Walls current HP)

Coop combos:

  • 2 types of combos: Move and Actions.
  • Shared between all players.
  • Accumulate 15 moves between players OR do every basic action (all attacks, all casts, heal, motivate and build) once to trigger a bonus effect:
    • 33% chances to add 20 to the progression of a random building
    • 33% chances to add 20 Mana to the Magic Circle
    • 34% chances to kill 5 Clawers on every Wall.

Quality of life:

  • A lot of little changes in how the texts are displayed.
  • You can now input commands in lower or upper case, however you want.

-The Last Team

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